Experiential Design Thinking

During this workshop, we'll guide you and your team through a series of innovative exercises designed to aid in the creation of your upcoming marketing campaign or event. Whether you're in the brainstorming phase or looking to reinvigorate an existing event, these exercises will help ignite your creativity and open up new possibilities.

Typical workshop agenda: 

  • Project Values and Goals: First, we'll delve into the values and goals of your project to guide our creative process.
  • Experiential Design Thinking: We'll start with some quick 5-minute exercises to stimulate your creativity and get the ideas flowing.
  • Message: Then, we'll work on crafting a powerful message that will resonate with your target audience and communicate your project's goals effectively.
  • Mind Mapping: We'll use a mind-mapping technique to visualize the relationships between ideas and identify potential connections for your campaign or event.
  • Research Activity: In this phase, we'll use research to gather insights and inspiration that will help us ideate more creative and effective solutions.
  • Next Steps / Other: Finally, we'll wrap up the workshop by defining next steps and discussing any additional topics or questions the group may have.

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